NOHO M55 GALLERY - Dino Pazzanese 

About the artist...


Dino Pazzanese, born in Brazil in 1978, has been immersed in drawings and imagination from a very early age. He studied architecture, achieving a Bachelor of Architecture and Urban Planning at Mackenzie University in Sao Paulo, Brazil, then was admitted to the University of Pennsylvania for a Master of Architecture degree. He has elected not to proceed with his course, deciding instead to bring his images, figures, atmospheres and situations forward by becoming a painter. He has chosen New York to be his window, the door to this world and is now proud to be affiliated with Noho Gallery. Dino is also a music lover, playing guitar for many years. His music recording facility is next to his painting studio. And as a celebration, Dino inebriates us with both arts as they move, inspire and carry each other. You can follow the development


About the work...


Dino’s work is characterized by his mythological, or theological figures and stories. The paintings represent situations, political, emotional, romantic, as well as elements from world history, the city and the country, mankind’s footsteps and milestones. Very rooted in Blues, Country and Jazz, the guitar universe is always holding hands with the realms of architecture and drama.


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