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Dino Pazzanese, Oui

Ⓒ 2016 Dino Pazzanese
Ⓟ 2016 Dino Pazzanese

record name: Oui
artist: Dino Pazzanese
release date: 2016

© Dino Pazzanese 2016

℗ Dino Pazzanese 2016

And so it goes...
The dream of dying cultures, romances struggling to come to life, to make prayers come to a mend. To carry on.
Seems the more contemporaneity develops services, facilities, the more disconnected we are and more alone we get. The closer to musical venues, more distant from the spirits that once made them visible.
Dino plays his guitar around his compositions, in his jazz album “OUI”, saying yes to the defeats and misfortunes of quotidian life, as part of the way, laments to faith, to joy, and tears as a spice to a great smile.
Dino continues the drama started in his debut record, “Misbehave”, taking us in this ride, introducing us to this sphinx, and it’s riddling enigma.
Playing all the instruments in the tracks, a style develops from the band’s performance, accompanying Dino’s jazzy guitars and vocals. Something secret, something old, something religious, a spook of ghosts.
A touch of “Candomble” can be noticed, sometimes Dixie, sometimes a touch of old European music. All in a good dose of straight forward jazz influence and mood.
“OUI” is a travelling, that we may will have to travel within.
We hope he can follow up this addiction he is manifesting on us in his following works.