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Dino Pazzanese, MISBEHAVE

Ⓒ 2013 Dino Pazzanese
Ⓟ 2013 Dino Pazzanese

record name: Misbehave
artist: Dino Pazzanese
release date: 2013

Dino plays guitar beautifully, and his talent can be noticed and followed as the songs happen, and takes us in his lines, licks, themes and riffs. This record, "Misbehave" brings a journey into Dino's aproach to the instrument, discovering blues lines and hands, jazz atmospheres, chords and circunstances, poisoned with his lyrics and vocals, full of love, affection, questionings and charisma.
This is Dino's debut record and he has produced the work himself, also performing the band's other instruments, such as the bass and the snare drum, which gives the tracks a sensual, cool mood.
He has already put himself into the work of producing his follow up records, and lets hope that they can be as fun and amusing as the first.