Mulher Vampira

1. Mulher Vampira

© Dino Pazzanese 2016

℗ Dino Pazzanese 2016

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Dino Pazzanese, Mulher Vampira

Ⓒ 2017 Dino Pazzanese
Ⓟ 2017 Dino Pazzanese

Mulher Vampira
Dino Pazzanese
release date: 2017

Dino Pazzanese’s third release comes in one track only format. It is uncommon, though very artistic, and it gives a complete unexpected, intense expression.
It was recorded in a one night session, and the song extends it’s jam performance for almost fourteen minutes of a warm, hot music, with a talented improvisational spirit, and an acid composition on a suffered lament.
With vivid guitars that range from jazz to flamenco, the band catches fire as the evening flows.
Dino has been involved in several of his compositions, music recording sessions, keeping them for our delight in future nights…but this one was so intense that he had to present us with this inspired single. Ahead of it’s time, and back to the meaningful.

Genre: Jazz: Traditional Jazz Combo

Release Date: 2017